EDU8213 Final Thoughts

Going into this module I was excited but admittedly quite sceptical about whether it would actually work.  The first session seemed to confirm the latter for me.  With so much being thrown at me all at once I left feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what I was supposed to be learning. There was no clear objective and other than a few people tweeting quotes from what I was listening to, I didn’t really have anything to take away.

However, when it came to my blog I quickly realised that actually I had gained a lot more than I initially thought and my pessimism turned to interest on the subject.  While the session itself had felt chaotic, looking at it later it was teaching us a number of different things.  The main difference between undergraduate degrees and masters is our independence in learning and this module has really pushed us to develop this and is probably what I will take the furthest in my studies.  As the sessions continued I still felt very lost and stressed a lot of the time but reflecting on the lectures has given me a new take on how I learn.  I am now able to voice my opinions and listen to others and not worry too much about having a concise set of notes right there and then.  It is up to me to go away and pull together what has been discussed.  It has motivated me not only in this module but across the course to be more proactive in finding answers because in the session it was near to impossible to get them all.


Our twitter connections after the first sessions, and twitter connections at the end of the course.


Having said this I would definitely not say it was all plain sailing especially in regards to SOLEs for adults.  One key feature that was guaranteed in all sessions was chaos and disorganisation with a few disagreements thrown in.  It was almost like the longer we were left to our own devices, the worse we were getting.  It was this that I found so frustrating; we just didn’t know how to listen to each other.  I found myself repeating my arguments over and over and either being ignored by the noise or people listening but not hearing what I was saying.  Often, it became the case for many that we just retreated and watched because we got nowhere by trying to get involved.  Not only this but I felt a certain level of pressure to contribute to the debate or online conversation, but then I was ignored when I did try.  Trying to get the balance right and get your voice heard was near to impossible and this was probably the biggest struggle.

Overall, it was certainly an eye opening experience, having viewed it both from the classroom and trying to listen on Recap.  Both presented challenges greater than I was expecting.  In all honesty I was expecting this to be my easiest module; tweeting and debating what could go wrong? As it happens it has proved to be far harder than I imagined but I have definitely developed my confidence and independent study skills.  Two completely different attributes but both key for this module so while the environment continues to overwhelm, it is secretly helping me too.


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